Systemic Family Counselling and Intervention

Let us discover and promote our personal skills and resources in our personal and family environment

Healthy and effective links

At Marta Gil Abogados we try to promote a space for joint reflection, in which, from a systemic point of view, the bases for the proper development of personal relationships are consolidated through conversations based on the recognition and legitimization of the other, as a starting point of the interpersonal re-encounter.

The context in which the sessions take place aims to facilitate and expand the capacity for reflection and action of everyone participating in them.

The target would be to accompany you in these crisis processes and facilitate you to:

  • Identify the current aspects that prevent / hinder the development of your daily life and its interpersonal context.
  • Analyze these situations, the elements that maintain them and their possible solutions in the light of your family life cycle.
  • Redefine your current situation and rediscover your experience from an integrating perspective within your personal, family and cultural context.

We help you to…

Promoting an open and fluid communication in your daily life, so that you can naturally develop in your personal relationships.

Making flexible rigid patterns that hinder the good development of day to day.

To be able to look to the future light baggage.

Information and contact

You may contact us by:

Telephone: +34 629 747 692


Skype account: MartaGilAbogados

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Or if you prefer to address us personally, ask for an appointment and we will attend you as soon as possible at:

C / Villas Quinto, G-2

41089 Montequinto – Dos Hermanas, Seville

Monday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays: Closed