When do I know if this is an ordinary expense, already covered, with alimony or on the other hand, if it is an extraordinary expense?

For example, a baby car seat, at first glance is an extraordinary expense, it is out of the normal expenses, but is it so according to our jurisprudence?

First of all, to be considered as such, an extraordinary cost needs certain requirements, according to our most consolidated jurisprudence:

1st. To be necessary, that is, it should not be superfluous or secondary.

2nd. Not to have a predetermined periodicity.

3rd. To be unpredictable when setting the alimony.

4th. Not to be covered by alimony or ordinary expenses.

Therefore, it seems that this expense (the purchase of a car seat) is part of the needs of a baby, it is a foreseeable cost, so it could and should have been considered when setting the alimony. The conclusion then is that it should be considered an ordinary expense, framed within the alimony.

This analysis must be done with each of the expenses that are accrued, to avoid surprises on either side. Thus, it is best to ask yourself:

Was this expense necessary, predictable or periodic? If the answer is yes, then we will be facing an ordinary expense. Otherwise, extraordinary. And also, keep in mind that the jurisprudence of our Courts is adapting and adjusting to the needs of each moment, then when in doubt, it is better to go to a professional to provide us advise on our specific case.

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