About Mediation

A third party who brings stances together

Mediation is an alternative method in the resolution and management of conflicts, where a third person, impartial and neutral, helps implicated parties to reach themselves a satisfactory agreement.

The implicit principles in this kind of procedure and their advantages are, within other aspects, flexibility; it promotes the maturity and responsibility of the individuals; it bets for creative solutions adjusted to both parties; it respects the autocomposition of the implicated people and it is a dynamic process, which allows to translate what is learnt to different aspects of life.

Mediation is converted then in one more instrument, inmersed in the scheme of social and personal relationships which characterize reality as of today, which objective is the acknowledgment of the other and his or her legitimization in and from the difference that separates us.

We help you to…

Informing you personally about the advantages of this kind of processses.

Facilitating that you learn and apply to your case the principles of mediation.

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